Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Not-so-cross crossbowmen painter

Yep, took a little longer than expected, but that's what happens when you've deadlines of several different assignments due all at the same time. Your priorities get distorted...

No matter, these fellows are done, and quite a joy to paint. I know Dogs of War crossbowmen have no armour to speak of, but these minis are too good to pass by. Should I get to the stage of using some Regiments of Renown, then a couple more of these figures and I'll be able to pass them off as Marksmen of Miragliano and get some Perry Crusading Crossbowmen instead.

I've now got some Crusading Pilgrims lined up to paint as some single hand-weapon armed duellists. Alas, I couldn't find any minis which fitted in with the pikes and crossbows armed with two hand-weapons. Still, they should provide an interesting tactical proposition, being basically nothing but bait. They are also some pretty decent minis, so I'm looking forward to having a go at them.

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