Monday, 16 March 2009

Vive le Empereur...

...Or however the daft Frenchies spell it. Yes, I am slowly progressing at my dazzling speed of 3 mpw (models per week) on a good day, and the rich fruits of my exhaustive labour can be seen below. Yes, the bases do look a little bare, for two very good reasons. 1) I want to keep a consistant look, which is best done if everyone is based together at the same time, and 2) I've no materials to base them with. All in good time; for now, they can be happy with the Prince of Wales' badge. I've twenty more to do to finish up the very reasonably priced boxed set from Perry Miniatures. 42 models for £15 is pretty darn good, 'specially for this quality.

At the moment, I'm warming up the painting hand after a long hiatus, so they're all still a bit patchy. I've also discovered that I'm not really cut out to be a uniform painter: it just doesn't hold quite the same fun factor as a ragtag bunch of motley peasants. Just too repetitive, though thankfully the Perrys threw in a number of trenchcoated individuals to break the monotony somewhat.

Once these lads are done, I'll wait for the advent of the British line soldier from the Perrys, a free sample of which was kindly sent in my last order:

I'm just itching to get to work on these two, but I don't want to break my painting run. I know only too well that I'll never get back to the blue uniforms.

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